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Arts Guide

by: Green Bay Cities Magazine

With autumn upon us and winter fast approaching, the fleeting beauty of leaves fading in our gardens is impossible to overlook.

Why not seize that beauty in enduring form with concrete leaf casts? This increasingly popular art form has been featured in Better Homes and Gardens, and many Web sites offer cast leaves for purchase or advice on how to make your own.

Locally, you can take a class in leaf casting at Swanstone Gardens, a part-time business owned by David Calhoon and Jean Gille. Calhoon calls leaf casting "addicting" because "every leaf is different, and every creation is different."

Swanstone's classes are unique in that most include a light, elegant lunch, tours of Calhoon’s gardens, and, according to Calhoon, some invaluable intangibles – "the camaraderie, the working together, and the laughter," he says.

In other Swanstone classes offered through November, students can create hypertufa (faux stone) planting troughs, stained glass stepping stones, leaf prints, copper spiders, pumpkin baskets, and Victoria scrap art ornaments.